Carrus Nations Cup : How it Works

The Carrus Nations Cup will take place between November 3-6 in Tauranga, New Zealand and is run in collaboration between the Professional Squash Association and Squash New Zealand.

It is the first instalment in the new SquashFORWARD series, which is a series of new squash events intended to trial changes to the traditional competition and scoring formats used at official tournaments, including those on the PSA Tour.

How it Works

The Nations Cup will see eight teams battle it out for glory.

Each team will contain a male and a female player, with Kiwi stars Paul Coll and Joelle King lining up for host nation and No.1 seeds New Zealand ‘A’.

Those teams will be split into two groups of four, with the top two teams from each group meeting in the final on November 6.

A fixture will feature a men’s and a women’s match and a best-of-seven games scoring format will be used throughout the four-day event.

Each game will be the first to seven points.

If the game scores are locked at 6-6, a sudden-death point will be played, with the winner of that rally taking the game.

Each player can opt for a ‘Power Play’ twice per match where he or she can win two points.

The overall team score will be determined in the following order.

    • The number of matches won
    • The number of games won
    • The number of points won

In the event where fixtures are tied, a ‘Super Game’ will decide the final result. This game will be first to three points. The last players to play in the fixture will contest this game.

The Group Order will be determined by

    • Ties won
    • Matches won
    • Games won
    • Points won
    • H2H if still tied

Excited about witnessing the new format in action? Make sure you tune in to SQUASHTV later this week to watch all of the action unfold.